Our mission and passion here at Operation Code Club is teaching kids coding, in a safe and fun environment.

Why Should kids learn code

Problem Solving!

Problem solving skills are vitally important, and the earlier they’re learned, the better. The coding and programming skills taught at OCC develop a solid foundation that can help your children through school, college and beyond!

A Better Future!

A child who learns to code will have a vast number of advantages throughout both their formative and adult years. As creative critical thinkers, they’ll have every advantage to succeed at schooling and their careers, no matter what field they choose. And if programming does become their calling, they’ll be met with the most abundant and exciting career opportunities of any industry in the world!

Creative Expression!

Coding may seem like a purely technical skill, but it’s actually quite creative! There’s always more than one way to build an app or design a game, and it all starts with creativity. At OCC, your children not only express their creativity, they develop it right alongside their problem solving skills!

How It Works!

Kids, Parents and Teachers Love Operation Code Club!


Of students say they’ve learned so much more than just computer programming


Of students would recommend Operation Code Club to other kids


Teachers state that students enrolled in OCC have shown improvement in class

Coding For Kids Made Simple!

Your kids will go from beginners to proficient coders in no time with fun, simple concepts that effortlessly build knowledge and make your kids excited to learn!